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$2 million federal grant help facilitate new road repair technique used in Napa Bay Area

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

A new pavement repair method is making its way to Napa streets.

Last week, the Napa City Council authorized a contract to use cold-in-place recycling to repair a stretch of Golden Gate Drive and Freeway Drive in southwest Napa.

The process, widely used in Southern California but relatively new to Northern California cities, is full of benefits, according to city staff.

“We’re convinced in our research that this product is a very viable way to recycle and deal with our pavement condition problems in a much more environmentally friendly way and an economical way,” said Public Works Director Jack LaRochelle. “It’s really the first time it’s being introduced in Northern California … it’s something new, it’s something good.”

In cold-in-place recycling, between two and four inches of the existing pavement is ground up, crushed and mixed with emulsifying agents, then laid and compacted on the roadway in the same way new asphalt is laid, said Marlene Demery, a city special projects manage.

Fewer greenhouse gasses are emitted during the process because existing asphalt concrete pavement is recycled on the spot to make a new surface.

“Instead of going out and mining new materials, we can use what we already have,” Demery said. “It lasts as long as the standard method.”

Additionally, the city does not have to spend the time or money to remove old pavement and replace it with entirely new material, as is traditionally done, she said.

According to the city’s grant to receive federal funds for cold-in-place recycling, the process produces nearly 80 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than conventional road rehabilitation methods.

This type of road repair is most appropriate for the thousands of miles of Bay Area roadways that require “heavy maintenance or rehabilitation,” the grant application said.

It does not work well on “very good roads” that require only a thin seal for restoration, nor does cold-in-place recycling work with failing roads that must be reconstructed. Continue reading “$2 million federal grant help facilitate new road repair technique used in Napa Bay Area” »

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